Minty Boost

Today I built a minty boost project. The goal of the minty boost is to convert 3V of power from 2 AA batteries into 5V of power to charge a phone. In order to do that I needed something called an inductor which has current passed through the coil wire inside of it to create a magnetic field. The microprocessor, the brain of the system, will open a switch, forcing the inductor to convert more magnetic energy into electrical energy, ultimately sending 5V of electricity through a diode. The diode prevents the 5v from dropping by manipulating the electrons to go into one direction. There are several electrolytic capacitors that help maintain the input and output of the voltage. The resistors are limiting the current that passes through to the usb. The main issue I encountered when using the minty boost is that the container holding the components overheated. I realized that there was a short between the components and the case, resulting in overheating. This is shown in the equation for power V^2/R and considering the resistance of the metal case was practically 0, I was wasting massive amounts of energy. I put electrical tape inside the container, stopping the current from reaching the case, and ultimately stopped it from overheating. Here is a link to me explaining it

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