In the Making : The Omni – Directional Robot Pt 1

It’s been a lot of hard-work so far, but I have successfully accomplished a couple tasks!

One of the tasks that I finished was cutting out the hexagonal base for my robot. It was my first time machining and using power tools. During the process, I garnered many new skills such as how to hold in my place what I am cutting by using clamps and how to make curved cuts.

In addition, I learned how to work with circuitry.  I gained new knowledge such as what power and ground cables do and what they look like. Power cables, as the name suggests, give power to whatever object it is connected to and ground is a “reference” for how much power will be given.

Finally, I learned how to write code in the Arduino IDE. I wrote code to rotate my wheels at full speed in one direction, stop, and rotate full speed in the other. By writing the code for this, it gave me the “building blocks” to write more complex code.

From here, I will be working on writing the main code for my robot.

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