The Project Complete

After six whole weeks of building, my sunrise alarm clock is finally complete. What exactly did I achieve in these past few weeks? Not only did I build an electrical device and followed steps real engineers take in order to create, but I also assured myself that I want to be an engineer.

Though my project was largely based on electrical engineering, I learned about topics that all kinds of engineers deal with. For example, first I had to find a schematic and understand it. That and I had to overcome failure time and time again. Since at the beginning I used an MSP430 microcontroller and the plans for the schematic weren’t using that part I had to modify it. Finally, after struggling to alter the plans, I had a few working circuits. However, the coding would prove to hold me back a full week.

Creating the code was one thing but debugging it was what changed my project. Code Composer Studio wouldn’t compile my code and I couldn’t find out what was wrong. The week went by and I switched to using the Arduino UNO instead. Finding relevant code and merging them as well as changing a few things was easier. Creating the actual circuits was just a matter of understanding schematics enough to actually construct what they displayed.

For anyone looking to do this project I would recommend becoming really familiar with coding. What was difficult for me to understand was that the microcontroller doesn’t understand how time works so it was up to me to make it read time. A lot of math and understanding went into this project and it has confirmed that engineering takes skill but is also a lot of fun.

Blue Stamp has encouraged me to pursue my goals and has taught me to work hard to achieve them. For that I would like to thank them and also my donor. Without his help none of this would be possible. Thank you Mr.Chandiramani.

Please take a look at my final video and my project documentation!

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