The Circuit Complete

I would have never guessed that I would be able to build something and be able to identify key components of it. Building this sunrise-alarm clock has taught me a lot about shift registers, MOSFETs and their PWM effect, micro-controllers, and coding.

After lighting up the LEDs and being able to change the numbers displayed on them the hardest step was the coding. Because the Arduino doesn’t understand time getting it to display it was difficult and required multiple re-writes of coding. In the end, however, I was able to display military time at a semi-accurate rate.

Since to buzzer is directly connected to the micro-controller it was a simple matter of writing a bit of code. The LED circuit also wasn’t difficult to build and the challenge came with its coding. In order to get the LED to light up slowly 30 mins. before the set alarm time we needed to use a MOSFET to create the PWM effect and slowly light up the LED as the set alarm time neared.

Overall this was an exciting step because I was able to see a schematic come to life.

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