The Alarm

After finishing my voice changer kit I began working on a digital alarm clock. Originally I used an MSP430 micro-controller but faced a compiling issue that took up an entire week. To get rid of the problem I got rid of the MSP430 and used an Arduino UNO instead. This micro-controller was much more user friendly and allowed me to proceed with the alarm clock at a quicker pace. However, using the Arduino meant using shift registers. In order to connect the Digital Displays to the Arduino I used Serial-In Serial-Out 74hc595’s, creating up to 8 other outputs I could use to light up the number displays. The actual building schematic was not tough but understanding what was happening was. Learning about shift registers and the Arduino was all new to me and here I am talking about it like I know everything about them. This video linked will explain my project’s milestone further.

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