Reflections on Week 1 from a BlueStamp Student

“My First Week”

– James K, rising senior at Birch Wathen Lenox – Upper East Side, New York City

As I sit here reflecting on my first week at Blue Stamp Engineering, I am finding it hard to pinpoint the most valuable thing that I have learned so far. Eventually I gave up on trying to decide whether learning how to calculate torque or voltage was more important, and realized that the most valuable thing I learned was not a fact or formula, but instead a new way of thinking. During my first week of BlueStamp, I learned not only general engineering basics, but also how to solve my own problems. Very rarely in life will there be someone fully knowledgeable at your side, just waiting to give you all the answers. At Blue Stamp, before you are helped you will be asked, “What three things have you done to solve this yourself?” and believe me when I say you had better have a good answer if you expect help with a lengthy problem. It is not that the BSE staff is unwilling to help you — quite the contrary — it is that they would rather see you work hard and learn more about your problem by solving it yourself than simply relying on others to hand you the answer on a silver platter. This rule made me realize that Blue Stamp is not just trying to teach its student’s technical skills and information to help them create their own projects. Blue Stamp is also trying to instill valuable life lessons in their students that will help them for years to come regardless of what profession they may choose.

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