First Two Weeks At Bluestamp

Well my first two weeks at Bluestamp have been just plain awesome. I have learned so much in so little time. And most of it has been on my own. At first, I was working on a solar powered toy car for my starter project, after a week of effort I found that the motor was defective. But I wasn’t discouraged; I got started on my intensive project immediately: A Solar Powered USB charger. My Plan is to charge a battery with solar power and when a handheld device is plugged in via USB port it would charge. Well, I was successful in charging my phone with solar power, That was a huge milestone! But I really appreciate the instructors. Dave, Robin, Rachel, and Allen have been nothing but helpful. Rachel with technical and electrical issues, Allen with software issues, and Dave and Robin have been making sure that everyone here is on top of their project. Both Dave and Robin have given me great health advice that I plan to follow for a while. I was very inspired when Robin invited Allison, The CEO of Rebellion Photonics to speak to us. She was 27 Years-Old, and the CEO of a company because she had vision and never gave up. One day, I aspire to have my unique devices patented.

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