Final Project

Well , after 6 Weeks at Bluestamp Engineering, I finally finished my project. My Solar Charger is made up of 4 Solar Panels, 2 Perfboards, a Battery, multiple wires, and a USB Port. All the hard work was worth it. Well, I just want to say that I have learned so much from Bluestamp. Before this program, I thought that building circuits was impossible for someone my age that knew nothing about circuits, nothing about soldering, and nothing about electricity flow. This program has also helped me develop problem solving skills. For example, whenever we needed help, instead of just giving us the answer, they helped us find it. Because of that, I’ve learned that I can do what a lot of tasks that most people would consider “Challenging” on my own.

So in the future I plan to make a solar charger that is the length and width of just one solar panel and I would use a smaller battery, with no assistance whatsoever. In the meantime, please check out my video!

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