BlueStamp students gather for one final picture!

BlueStamp students and staff gather for one final picture!

Apply To BlueStamp Engineering

Who should apply to become a BlueStamp Engineering Student? Any motivated person in High School looking to explore engineering!

BSE students are highly motivated young men and women with a keen interest in building projects. Because each student selects and completes their own project, there are no student requirements beyond passion and perseverance. All students are welcome to apply. Some students do have previous experience and can take their skills to the next level with more advanced projects. We are currently accepting applications for next summer. BSE has limited capacity and so we encourage students to apply asap. In order to become a BSE student, please see the admissions process below:

Admissions Process

  1. Students download and complete the BlueStamp Application for Admission(Microsoft Word Format)
  2. Send document by email to Admissions[at]
  3. Selected students are invited to an in person or Skype interview (parents/guardians/counselors should attend).
  4. BSE staff performs reference check.
  5. Admissions decision made.
  6. Admitted students select a project and begin planning “the build” with BSE staff.

Students typically receive an admissions decision within 2-3 weeks of BSE receiving the application.

Need-Based Financial Aid, Payment Plans, and Fundraising

BlueStamp offers some need-based financial aid.  If you feel you may qualify for financial assistance, please download BSE’s simple financial aid overview/application and submit the completed aid application with your application for admission.  BSE also offers payment plans (2-6 months) and fundraising opportunities as described in the financial aid application.


“I learned more in 6 weeks of a half day program than I would have in a year or two searching the internet for project ideas. The program left me with a sense of accomplishment, and a desire to build and learn more!” -Chris P., BSE Student

“I have never seen [my son] so fired up to show off what he has done. Your program has given him the confidence to tackle new projects and seek out new goals. Wow!” -Colleen L., BSE Parent

“It was difficult overall, but now with the knowledge I have now I feel like I could do much more complicated and interesting projects in the future, and I feel very motivated as well because of how fun BlueStamp has been.”  -Mattori B., BSE Student