‘Production & Promise’ Part 5: Meet Tasha M.

‘Production & Promise’ is a series of articles by Paul West, author of First Cause, who spent a few days with BSE’s 2011 class.

The next Bluestamp engineer we’re going to meet is Tasha M, who is entering her senior year at the NYC Lab School. Along with her interest in engineering, Tasha is deeply concerned with social issues; the summer before she became a Bluestamp engineer, she went to Stanford University’s campus to study law and engaged in mock trials. Tasha is interested in political science, and is considering studying immigration law or intellectual property–and last but not least, she’s studied classical piano for most of life. Her diverse array of interests shows that one need not only be interested in engineering to become a capable engineer! Tasha’s summer project was a GPS tracking device that uses an ATMEL microcontroller and a GPS module.

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