‘Production & Promise’ Part 3: Meet Kadeem T.B.

‘Production & Promise’ is a series of articles by Paul West, author of First Cause, who spent a few days with BSE’s 2011 class.

The next Bluestamp engineer we’ll meet is Kadeem T.B., who goes to school with Deondre at Harlem’s Promise Academy. He’s also entering his senior year, and is considering Duke and Morehouse for college. He and Deondre have been friends since the third grade! Quiet in disposition, Kadeem offered some thoughtful insights about his opportunity at Bluestamp; he appreciated the chance to do more “hands-on” work, and he enjoys the “preciseness of the engineering field”. He offered another observation that some will consider sobering: “statistically, where I’m from, we ain’t gonna make it”…this sort of thing is exactly why Kadeem, like all of our aspiring engineers, is a good candidate for Bluestamp’s program. When all the students were asked to make a statement, he said “thank you for believing in us”…he also does the ‘pay it forward’ thing, engaging in community service work with fellow Bluestamper Deondre.

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