‘Production & Promise’ Part 2: Meet David D.

‘Production & Promise’ is a series of articles by Paul West, author of First Cause, who spent a few days with BSE’s 2011 class.

The first BlueStamp graduate we’ll meet is a mild-mannered Belgian-American named David, who is about to enter his junior year at the Ramaz school in Manhattan. He’s got a wide array of interests: he’s an avid fencer, and he’s a big fan of military history who’s considering studying biomedical engineering in college. He’s led history classes via powerpoint, as both a freshman and a sophomore! He also enjoys programming in his spare time, and his Bluestamp summer project was a robotic arm. He had to disassemble it along the way because of a few glitches; for a while, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to pull it off! But David’s a smart and focused lad, and by the end of the program he had his project up and running.

David’s blog article and videos can be found here. Nice work David!

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