‘Production And Promise’ Part 8: Surya B.

‘Production & Promise’ is a series of articles by Paul West, author of First Cause, who spent a few days with BSE’s 2011 class.

The next Bluestamper we’ll meet is Surya B. Surya, one of the younger students, is a sophomore at Newark Collegiate; she’s a self-described “tech nerd”,but she also describes herself as “artsy”,and is interested in singing. Consistent with this eclectic self image, Surya aspires to learn something different every summer; she acknowledges that it was an adjustment to work with older students, but with her broad range of interests and academic talents, she proved herself well matched for the task. Surya says she’s been interested in neurosurgery since she was little, and wants to ‘help people’ when she gets older; her Bluestamp summer project was a multitouch sensor.

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