‘Production And Promise’ Part 7: Meet James K.

‘Production & Promise’ is a series of articles by Paul West, author of First Cause, who spent a few days with BSE’s 2011 class.

The next Bluestamper we’re going to meet is James K., a senior at Birch-Wathen Lenox. James is quite eclectic in his interests; he plays three sports in school (basketball, soccer, and golf), and he’s also involved with the “rocket club”. James also works with the “Room to Read” program in his spare time, helping spread literacy to young people around the world, and he’s traveled as far away as Zambia. His Bluestamp summer project was an omnidirectional robot arm that was operated by remote control. The software was capable of interpreting the position of 2 joysticks into motion in any direction! With his penchant for engineering and interest in global issues, James is sure to have an impact in this world!

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