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Hello, My name is Xavier Wynne, and I attend KIPP Sunnyside High School. I am a rising sophomore in the class of 2018. This summer I attended Bluestamp Engineering program. I built a Hovercraft from scratch. I also built a minty-Boost phone charger, but due to a scratch in the Arduino, it functioned improperly. My biggest challenge was designing and building the body for the hovercraft, because there was lots of cutting involved. When you cut, you have to get the pieces of depron in a certain position. The reason why I decided to be in Bluestamp was because I wanted to get exposed to more advanced engineering skills and techniques.


I’m done with my project, and I finally got the body for my project built. I’m also done connecting my wires, and now I am finally able to move it. Make sure you add a battery holder and a holder for your turbines beforehand. Never put your finger in the turbine while it is moving.



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Xavier’s BlueStamp Bill of Materials

Milestone-I inserted the electronics and they work fine. I got my turbines to move. Now, I just need a bigger battery, a way to mount my turbines, and a steering controller. I also built a hole in the middle so my turbine could suck in air. I need to get my turbine to recieve signals from my remote. Maybe next time we meet I will be done.

This is the man who gave me the ideas and help to build my hovercraft. He also helped me to know what materials I will need to make it go. I wanted to give credit to him; go to this following site:


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