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Check out my final video showing my project!

Sam’s Final Blog

This year was my second year doing BlueStamp; and I was undoubtedly excited. I had already gained so much from doing the program once, so I was excited to build upon the knowledge that I already had. Unfortunately when I started my project I had little to no idea of what I would be doing. Thankfully there were capable instructors there to help me. Once I got a little help starting off I was well on my way to finishing my project. From there I went through six weeks of frustration, excitement, let down, and finally, the completion of my project. When I finished my project, I knew that all my hard work was worth it because I had something that I could use in my everyday life and still present it as a serious thing.

All of my documentation is available at my github page ( .

Sam’s Lights Controlled Over the Internet

I got the lights to work over and ethernet connection! Here is how they are controlled by my computer:

Sam’s LEDs for Web Controlled Stoplight

On this part of the project I was testing my lights to see if they could all work at the same time. After this I am close to finishing and all i have left is coding.

Sam’s MintyBoost

I chose to this project not only because it looked fun but i also needed it. Now that i have MintyBoost I’m able to charge my phone from anywhere.

Increasing Difficulty, Inspiration, and Success

To say Bluestamp was a difficult program would be an understatement. Every day Bluestamp was a challenge. From installing speakers to soldering a pc board together each day was harder then the last. The program wasn’t all work though, we learned a lot about electronics, building, and plain old entrepreneurship from our guest speakers and daily class discussions. One man that really amazed me was Jeremy Blum. Mr. Blum wasn’t very old, in fact he wasn’t even out of college but he was already making things that I never thought anyone could make. Not only this but he made it seem all so easy. This really inspired me because it empowered me to work even harder to get my project done.

As the deadline approached not only did things get a little hectic it also got very cramped as projects got bigger and bigger. Not only did this make working on my project harder, but also the numerous problems I faced made it a lot worse. One huge problem that was killing me the entire time was the ridiculous amount of times that the CD player’s I had broke. The hardest part of it was when I was so close to finishing and then my CD player went up in flames. But I overcame and I came out with flying colors gaining a lot of knowledge, making a lot of new friends and meeting a lot of inspiring people.

My project was building an audio amplifier and customizing a CD player to fit in a box of my own choice. I also added an input for MP3 player. Check out my documentation and videos!

DESIGN FILE: SF_Mechanical_Drawings


DESIGN FILE: SF_Project_Pitfalls_And_Future_Work (For others who may want to build one themselves)

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