Modification: Camera

I have added my modification the camera and it was extremely easy to do.It allows me to see what the robot sees. This video should explain more:

I Am Done

I am done
My final project is complete my robot is all together and moves in all directions forwards, backwards, left, right, and diagonals. Now that I am done I can start my modifications and documentation. This video should explain more:

Last Week

My robot is now almost complete I am just fixing one last coding error that will have the wheels and not spinning when the controller joystick is idle. This will probably be fixed later today. Then building will be complete. After building is complete I will finish my documentation and try add one improvement a camera if possible.

Milestone Met

Milestone- three motors at once
Today july 12 I have gotten all three of my motors to run from a simple program:

// Sweep
// This example code is in the public domain.


Servo myservo1; // create servo object to control a servo
Servo myservo2;
Servo myservo3;
// a maximum of eight servo objects can be created

int pos = 0; // variable to store the servo position

void setup()
myservo1.attach(3,20,170); // attaches the servo on pin 3 to the servo object

void loop()
for(pos = 0; pos =1; pos-=1) // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees
myservo1.write(pos); // tell servo to go to position in variable ‘pos’
delay(15); // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position

This code is the example sweep on the arduino I just added two more servo motors. Now I know that my wiring is correct and my motors should work once I connect them to the ps2 controller. This video explains more:

My Starter Project

Starter project: Electronic Die

For my starter project i built the electronic die kit from spikenzielabs their site is . The die uses LEDs to simulate the way a real die would look. To activate the die one would simply tap it on his/her hand. This youtube video explains the way it works. Although I accidentally dropped it and doesn’t want to work anymore it did. There also is one bad connection somewhere so I had to use the soldering iron to touch a certain spot to give it a jump start.

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