Mario’s Final Project

Well my final project is finally completely finished. Yes, its in the same box but there is more to it. Inside now is more shocking and more parts cool to see. Some improvements and upgrades to my box have made my project more amazing to see. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

My thoughts on bluestamp engineering are that it is a cool program that can help a lot in anybody’s career who is interested in engineering. If you like it and want to give it a shot go for it; don’t be scared of the challenge. It is a good thing to try and you never know — it might actually help you out towards your future dream/goal/career for life.

Mario’s Solar Power Speakers Working

My solar power speakers project is now in a portable box. I have my speakers and circuit board holding in one place. Painted and it works check it out!

My Solar Powered Speakers

My solar powered speakers are somewhat simple. It is simple because there weren’t that many components and it had some of the components that I have some knowledge about. He is a video of me explaining it:

My First Two Weeks

On my first week of Bluestamp Engineering i felt a little bit confused not being able to understand most of the things that the instructors were saying. As we got further into the week i began to feel more and more comfortable. I learned many things and have so many chances to start up something with the help i can get from the instructors. In my first week, I finished my starter project. It was made to look easy at first, but on week two we all started to do our projects of choice they all got a little more difficult starting out with what we knew from the first week we had to take it up on our self’s and build the projects with very little understanding. At the end of our second week we now know much more and to myself it is starting to look a little bit easier.

My Voice Changer

My voice changer is so cool. Yea its on a box but its pretty cool. It was worth all the burns. Check it out it really works!

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