Katie S

Hi, I’m Katie and I am a rising sophmore at Golden High School. At GHS I am taking drafting classes and a civil engineering class. I want to go to Colorado School of Mines and get a Mechanical Engineering degree. In my free time I like to play basketball, ride my dirt bike, and build things on Solidworks. I came to BSE to learn more about circuitry and LED’s. Here at BlueStamp my starter project was a light organ and for my main intensive project I made an LED belt. I hope you enjoy looking at my projects!


This is my starter project: A light organ. This took me about three days and I only had one set back. The light organ is a device that picks up sound and then lights up the LED’s. Like I said in the video, the sound goes into the microphone and then into the first three transistors. It goes into the first three to amplify the sound signal. After that, it goes into the IC1 and the IC2, then into the other four transistors. Each transistor lights up a ring of the LED’s. The center light stays lit at all times while the rest of the light rings go from the center, out, then back in.

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