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Hi! My name is Julia, and I’m part of Bluestamp engineering in Denver. I’m a rising sophomore at East High school. I’m also on East’s robotics  and soccer team. My starter project is the light organ, which creates a display of light depending on the sound around it. My main project is the laser harp. A laser harp is very similar to a regular harp, except the strings are made of lasers. I based this project off of this instructable.

This is the third milestone video for my laser harp. This specifies on the combination between the mechanical and programming parts of this project. While now fully functional, there are still some unavoidable problems, such as shifts in the ambient lighting and uncooperative lasers. This had the most intensive programming involved and I learned how to properly troubleshoot a problematic code.

This is the second milestone video for my laser harp. This is the first video that has the frame assembled. because the frame was made out of metal, it created some unintended consequences and was a large problem when wiring the harp. All of the photo diodes are wired to a multiplexer, then connect with the lasers to the arduino. This was the most difficult part of this project because it needed huge attention to detail.

This is the first milestone video for the laser harp. In this I explain how I had programmed the speaker to make sound when the light is cut off, and when the buttons were pressed the frequency of the sound would change. I learned the most in this stage because I knew nothing about programming and in 2 weeks I learned all that I needed to know to complete this project.

My starter project was the light organ. A speaker would pick up the sound that the potentiometers told it to. That signal would then go to the first set  of transistors that would amplify the sound for the first IC. The IC would send a clock pulse to the second IC which would control which of the 3 sets of LEDs (red, green, or yellow) would light up.


Code: Laser Harp Word

Bill of materials: Bluestamp bill of materials – Sheet1


Laser Harp Fritzing

Project plan:

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