Robotic Arm

Hey my name is Jose I am from Sharpstown High School and for my starter project I did I Light Seeking Micro Robot that walks towards light. I decide to do this project because seeing a robot move captures my attention. For my main project I decided to a Robotic Arm because I would like to invent robotic tools that could help people in the future that are disabled. Coming to Blue Stamp I learned so much about robotics and how to build things.



Since the moment I started to work on my project I had big challenges. I had no idea how the servos worked or how I was going to be able to use the Arduino to make the servos work. Also I didn’t know how the potentiometers had to be connected to the Arduino and how it was going to be able to control the servos. But by the end of the program I was able to complete my project and I am very proud of myself for doing that.


Here is my final Bill Of Materials :Final BOM of robotic arm

Here is my Robotic Arm Instructions: Robotic Arm instructions (2)

Here is my schematic:  jose robotic arm schematic

Here is my mechanical drawing jose mechanicle drawing 2013 mecanicle drawing jose robot arm

Here is my final code: jose-robotic arm 2013 BuestampEngineering

Final Video:

My second milestone For my second milestone I was able to install a servo to the arm and I was able to control the arms movement with a potentiometer and an Arduino. This would let me see how I wanted the other servos to be placed at and it also gave me and idea on how I could install the rest of the servos. The next step to my project would be to finish installing the rest of the servos and making sure they work with no problem.

First Milestone Robotic Arm My milestone achieved in this project was to be able to control a servo with a potentiometer. By being able to control my servo with the potentiometer I have the ability to control the movement of my robotic arm. This would give me a great amount of control on the arm and I can decide the movement of the robotic arm.

The second step: The second step for my robotic arm will be to finish programming my potentiometers and the servos, also to get the rest of the servos installed in the robotic arm.

Light seeking robot starter project The light seeking robot is a robot that seeks the light and moves toward it. The way this robot works is that it has two LED lights that when the light hits them they turn on and they turn a little motor on. This causes it to move toward the light. Theirs two motors which are the ones that do the movements and two knobs  that control the sensitivity of the light. Also theirs another knob that controls the speed of the motors. In this project I faced several problems starting the first day I had no idea on how to solder I started to put too much soldering wired on the Arduino. The other problem I faced where when I started to installed the motors in the micro bug, it was difficult because the connections where wrong and I had to make a jumper wire to go from a sensor to another because I had burned the copper. Then my LD2 light wasn’t turning on because I had burned the copper and the current didn’t pass through it. But by the end of the day I made it work which gave me a lot of satisfaction.

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