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Hello my name is Jose and I am a rising junior at KIPP Denver Collegiate High School (KDCHS). At my school I play cornerback and returnman on our football team. At Bluestamp Engineering my starter project was a minipov3 and my intensive project is a bike. The bike is used as a remote to control google maps by pedaling and using a joystick to turn. I chose this project because I believed that it had many ways to be changed and had a possibility to add extensions to make it more interesting. Bluestamp was really fun for me and a great experience I met really cool students that had amazing projects that I think are awesome. I got this project from an instructables page and I built it in order to add more extensions onto it because I saw all the possibilities I could add.

This is a picture of the bike being all wired up:


My bill of materials:

Untitled spreadsheet

My main program that runs all the other code:

Google Bike



Milestone Three: Bike And Chose start coordinates

This is my final milestone video and the bike is completely done and works just fine. The start menu now adds the possibility to change the start location you are in the google bike simulator. This project was very fun to create. Even though I had a hard time with some of the parts of building the bike. I got very irritated of it not working but once it did I felt it successful.

Milestone Two: Bike Works And Start Menu

In this video I fixed the glitch of the bike going crazy by changing the baud rates and making them match at a good amount where it would not lag much and also have a lot of freaking out from the bike. I also decided to add a start menu to make it look nice. In this start menu I can make it easier for the user to change the code without them actually knowing almost anything about the code. The start menu is a huge part to the project, I added it just to make it seem nicer and simpler to use.

Milestone One: Bike Working…Sort Of

In this video the google bike is completely built and is in its starting stages. The bike seems to all be working the arduino is collecting all the data right. The python also is communicating with the arduino. There is just on main problem going on with the google bike at this point. That is that there is a glitch where the bike goes insane and starts shooting off suddenly and is turning randomly even without no movement on the bike. Another small problem is that the arduino to python has a delayed communication. The signals from the arduino take around 10 to 20 seconds to reach the python and be shown on google earth.

Starter Project: Minipov3

My starter project was a minipov3 which is a small device that is suppose to spell or write out things when it is waved in the air by changing the code inside the devices chip. The device works by turning off or on led’s to spell out the word that is set. The led’s blink very fast that you can not see what it says when it is not moving. Once it is moving the led’s are still very fast but since the led’s are not overlapped you can tell the words. This starter project was very helpful for my intensive project since what I learned in the starter project I also used on the intensive project I created.

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