Jonathan Y.


Final Milestone

My name is Jonathan, and this is my final milestone.  Since my last milestone, I finished the mechanical aspect of the robotic arm.  I am able to control two servos of the robotic arm, which allows me to control both the claw as well as part of the arm.  However, I am still trying to control the other  two servos and fix up some of the wiring.  I learned throughout this program on problem solving and engineering, as I had to fix up some parts of the robotic arm as well as learn several new things about computer programming to program the robotic arm.

Milestone #1



My name is Jonathan, and I am going to be a junior at Evergreen Valley High.  For my first milestone, I have finished the center assembly.  This part will be used to attach the left and right forearms, as well as the claw.  The center assembly is controlled by two servos which are attached to an Arduino board.  I learned a lot about assembling parts of the arm as well as using epoxy, a type of glue.  After this milestone, I want to attach the forearms as well as the claw.

Starter Project – Simon Says

For my starter project, I created the “Simon Says” game.  The game is as follows: the microcontroller sounds the buttons in a specific order and the player has to repeat it.  The microcontroller sounds the buzzer and decides the order of the lighting of the LEDs (the brain of the game).  The resistor controls current flow. The capacitors in the back regulate voltage flow.  The whole system is powered by two AA batteries.  I learned a lot about soldering materials into the board, which was soething that I never knew how to do until this project.


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