Gerardo’s Final Video and Final Blog Post

This is my final blog post for BlueStamp. Its kinda of sad but I can still look on the fun moments that I’ve had over the six weeks here. My final projects is awesome, it works and everything its one of my greatest accomplishments ever. BlueStamp has opened so many doors to my future it showed me that I can do so many different and amazing things in the world of engineering. I would like to thank my instructors Dave, Robin, Rachel, and Allen for helping me on the way. I’m glad that I made the choice to join BlueStamp its was an incredible experience.

Gerardo’s Solar powered MP3

For my intensive project I made a solar powered mp3 player. The process in which I made my project was long and tedious but it was still worth it. To have a working project which makes you feel proud of what you can accomplish is an incredible feeling. Blue stamp is awesome it has taught me so many things which are going to help me with my life if I ever want to continue my life as a engineer. Blue stamp has opened my views of the world by meeting actual people who work as engineers in real life and also entrepreneurs who built their companies with just small ideas.

Gerardo’s Voice Changer

The Velleman voice changer kit was difficult for me because I seriously didn’t know what I was doing. I personally had moments where everything went wrong and I wanted to give up but everything in the end, ended well. The biggest problem that I had was that I wasn’t paying attention to my resistors. I ended up putting all of my resistors in the wrong place which caused a series of problems for me. It was the beginning of the end, I was able rearrange my resistors to where they were supposed to be and everything started to go my way. The project itself was fun and the experiences that I faced were worthwhile and after all the times I burned myself it was still fun and I got a cool toy out of it. For the record it was a fun and I don’t regret the burns.

Blue Stamp Engineering – First Post

For me Blue Stamp was incredible over the 2 short weeks I have changed so much. I didn’t know anything about engineering or soldering , I couldn’t even tell the difference between a resistor from a capacitor. I learned so much my teachers Dave, Allen, Rachel, and Robin they have helped me along the way and i know that if its them that are teaching then I know I can learn anything. The building sequence is complicated and hard but every thing that you do helps on the way from start to review. Through this program we have grown so much in such little time. This program will surely help me decide a career not just any other job.

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