Program Feedback

This program to me was just the best. I love BlueStamp. This expericence was one that I have always wanted. I always wanted to know how things worked and to understand how electricity flows. Now I got to actually build something that is electrical and it actually works. Here’s a video of my work!

Starter Project

Hello ! Daniel here to explain my starter project. I did a little light organ. A light organ – to explain – is an electrical device that lights up according to any frequency (any noise). Well, it’s a very simple one. It only lights up 3 colors and in the formation of a “star”. Really it wasn’t much to make, but having understood how exactly it works is amazing. I really enjoyed doing this starter project for it was a great jump in introducing me how electricity works. Here is a video that goes more into details as to how the light organ works :

BlueStamp Engineering – First Post

These first two weeks have been mind blowing. My mind is on this huge journey of learning. Yea that sounded kind of corny, but I am being very serious as to how I feel in this program. The first days were confusing. We had to do the starter projects. Looking around the room, I saw everybody getting straight to work. As my self esteem was lowering, I kept feeling as if I was the dumbest guy in the class. But then I saw exactly how they were doing their starter projects. And that got me very motivated, because they didn’t need AP Calculus to do their projects, they just followed the instructions of the Project as well as the teachers.Little by little, my mind started captivating as to how electricity works and how electrical engineers work.

After finishing my starter project, that really help me get inspired to keep on building and to work hard on my intensive project. Learning how to read a schematic, I went right into the project. I was more focused than a hawk focusing on his pray in the desert. But suddenly, I was stuck. I’m doomed, I don’t know what/how to keep working or if my project can even work at all. An Inspirational-real live- Engineer came in and talked about how he became a working engineer. He explained how this kind of stuff are sensitive and will most likely have some false wiring. So boom ! Back to work I go.

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