Cole B.

Code: Credits for the code go to David Bryan

For my final milestone I added pipes to the dispenser. I added the pipes so that the dog bowl would be easily accessible by my dog.  I also made the dispenser function or working. I had to continuously test the dog feeder with the food in the container.  The food would often get jammed in the fins, so I had to spread the food out.



For my second milestone I go the servos connected to the cereal dispenser.  I also got the raspberry pi into the compartment and still working.  I had to file a hole in the compartment to get the power cord connected to the raspberry pi.    I did not have many difficulties on this milestone.  I need to attach the pipes to the dispenser to finish the project.

For my first milestone I had to get the code from my computer to control the servos.  The code defined two functions, one function would turn the servos clockwise and the other function counter clockwise.  I had to call the functions to get the servo to rotate.  One problem that I had with the code was getting the correct pins to connect the servo to the raspberry pi.  I was looking at an incorrect pin graph. Another difficulty that I faced was getting the servos to stop because they were continuos and going on forever.  So I created a variable to control the servos.  My next milestone is to get the raspberry pi and the servos on the cereal dispenser and still have it working.


I built a Voice Changer, which is from the Velleman mini-kit.  When you turn the Voice Changer on it takes the energy from the Procell 9 volt battery. When you speak into it the frequency in your voice goes to the main component in the circuit board.  The HT8950A is the largest and most important chip in the circuit board.  It changes the voice of the speaker into a high pitch, low pitch, vibrato voice, or robotic voice.  After the HT8950A it goes to the LM386. The LM386 is an amplifier or makes the sound clearer when it comes out of the speaker. I had some difficulty when soldering because I had make sure the flax melted on one wire was not touching the flax from another wire.  I had the most fun testing my voice changer out.

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