Christina C.

I made a voice changer for my starter project. I had never soldered anything before, so making this project was a learning experience and a challenge at the same time.

It took me two days to complete my project. I anticipated that I would finish it by the beginning of the second day, but some problems arose with my project. First, I found that the LED was backwards so I had to resolder it back the right way. I later found out that the chip was on backwards, which broke the chip. After I replaced the chip, the voice changer still didn’t function properly. It made noise whenever I turned it on and changed modes, so I knew that the output was working properly, but the mic didn’t pick up any noise no matter what sensitivity setting it was on. I eventually determined that the mic was broken as well (it probably broke due to the chip being backwards) so I replaced that as well. Finally, my voice changer worked!

Honestly, it was a frustrating process of trial and error trying to find what went wrong with my voice changer. But, in the end the process was worth it and I felt pretty accomplished.

I am currently working on my pill reminder companion robot and the progress is going smoothly 🙂


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