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Chanse Bemski

I love rock climbing and nature things. I am a recent graduate of Denver Academy. The reason that i got into coding was because I have played video games for a big portion of my life. The one thing that always stood out to me was zombies games. I love zombies games to death. I have always been interested in how they coded them. And I thought one day that i would love to help Treyarch code zombies games. Thus leading me on the track of learning how to code. I have a very long way to code in the world of coding before I’m at the level of zombies. But I would love to get there one day. My journey has to start somewhere and I thought what a better place to start it off, then a place where there is nothing but engineering and people to help you with all of your problems.

My starter project was a light organ, which has LEDs which turn on based on the beat of whatever music it hears. It takes in an audio signal and as it goes throughout the circuit and it amplifies the signal then gives the LEDs something that they can read. I didn’t have to many problems with this project really at all. Its a pre designed build with instructions on how to build. And because I used to be a Lego maniac, even with the billion piece sets, I always got them right.. But for my starter project I guess I was worried about it overheating and frying itself.

My Milestone 1 was my first video game. I decided to call it Bario Kart, as a spin off of Mario Cart. Because my racing game is no where near as good as Mario Cart. Its the first game I’ve ever made. So this is the first time that I’ve used Python to code something. This video shows me showing off the code for my game. One thing that I had a problem with this code was buttons. Buttons don’t exist in pygame, which is the library of code that I’m using. So I had problems with that, and having to write a bunch of code for just the menu buttons. And what you have to do for the buttons is to set a small area that if the mouse clicks in the area it starts the game. But you also have to put in code that senses the mouse click and where the mouse is on the screen. If you want to see me demo the game just skip to the end of the video. Also I made this based off of a tutorial. Here is a link to the tutorial.

For my Milestone 2, I coded my main project. Bario Cart was my practice game. My main project was a maze, and I decided to start off with a smaller easier maze, and try to make a bigger more complicated maze later on. I would say that the hardest thing I ran into in this milestone, or the most technical part of it was figuring out the barriers. It took a lot of researching and asking around, but I found out how to put in barriers into my game. How they work is by me telling the code that basically everywhere there is a black block(wall) it shows as a “1”. And wherever there is a white block(path) it shows as a “0”. And I tell the code to allow my character to move anywhere there is a zero, and not allow it to move into a “1” space. I think its very cool how they work, and I think that there could be a better way of doing barriers, but that will take some more time and research.

If you wanted to code games like I do I would recommend downloading Python and Pygame. Just follow the link up above where I inserted a link to code my Bario Cart. He is very good at teaching the basics and beginning of how to code games with Python. For this milestone I found that barriers are more challenging then I origionally thought. It gets very tedious and very annoying. I dread what a bigger maze will bring in terms of having to type out every one and zero.

This is my final milestone.. Milestone 3, this milestone is my finished product. What I wanted to do for my final project was make a very large maze. And I was able to accomplish that. This maze is 1600 by 700 pixels. And It has a trick in order to get to he end even though it looks impossible. For this milestone I had some problems, the main one still being a part of the barriers. Except its not just typing out every single one and zero. It’s finding out that I missed a few lines of the maze and miss placed some of the numbers, and having to go find them in that mess of ones and zeros is a pain. But in the end I was able to figure it all out and fix the code, so that my game was playable.

This is my documentation for my games

Chanse Bario Cart Documentation and Source Code

Chanse Maze Documentation and Source Code

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  1. Where are the colors?? It needs to be bigger, faster, freakier and have more colors!!

  2. Too real! So cool. All those lights. How can one entity expect to interact within the framework that we live in?

    • Chanse B

      One entity can only interact with the framework that we live in because if it were to break those boundaries our perspective would be obstructed and we would not be able to see what lights are really.

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