Final Project Video

I have created a GitHub Page to store all of my documentation here.

And don’t forget to check out my video!

My BSE experience (WSM)

I am extremely thankful for attending BSE this summer. During these past five weeks, I became familiar with two computer languages—Arduino and Processing—and programmed a remote weather station, which extrapolates data from the surroundings, graphs it over a period of time, and logs it into a CSV file. Through my time here at BSE, I faced numerous obstacles with coding; it seemed that every time I crossed one hurdle, there was another one to take the previous one’s place. However, the learning environment at BSE—consisting of my instructor, two teacher assistants, and my fellow co-workers—is simply marvelous and encouraging. I was inspired to keep persisting for success and astonished to see my fellow peers’ completed projects, which overshadowed mine in comparison. Yet, I am proud that I completed my project in a timely fashion and exceeded my expectations. If I had the chance, I would definitely want to come back to BSE next summer and expand my engineering knowledge or utilize my newfound skills at an internship.

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