Last Week

It’s been an eventful journey throughout these six weeks. From the first week of soldering, building, and having a large workspace. All the way to these last couple days, loud with drills, sirens, fans, and Kadeem’s singing. As for my project, its gone a long way. At first it seemed like it would take forever, specifically when slowly sawing at the acrylic, then subsequently having it snapped. Yet, it was worth it. Seeing it generate power and lighting an LED (Just sayin’, it can do more, the LED is proof of concept), it felt good. And not just because it was my sweat, blood, tears, that went into this project, but the implications of my project. My project is a mini wind turbine, which was inspired by my wanting to join the eco-revolution. However living the New York City, it’s not exactly easy to set-up a large wind turbine or solar panel array. So I took a small, realistic, approach. This project had been on my mind for quite a while, admittedly I forgot about. It was up until I was forced to a project to BSE. Then it came back to me, and the timing was impeccable. I couldn’t see a better program for my project, where I received all of the resources I would ever need, not to mention the engineering environment. After finishing I had few things in scope that I could do. I started to test my propellers and fine tune my engineering baby, create the base, not much else. It was not until Jeremy Blum had came to our program for the second time. He was presenting on how to open source our projects. There was a specific segment that had caught my attention; OpenHardware. It was a variant of open source software, and what it did was create a defined license for hardware. With that said I’m proud to say that I’m releasing my works, here, with the Open Hardware license. In the attached file, I put everything needed to make the Wind Turbine.

My project was based on a design that I found here.

Here is the documentation that I created for the project:

And don’t forget to check out my videos!

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