Looking Back

The past six weeks have been a battle. I’ve felt anger, depression, confusion, but most of all, success. Becoming an engineer is about learning how to solve your problems. Just when your about to solve one of these problems, another one will come out of nowhere. It sounds painful, which it was, but it was probably the best learning experience I could have asked for. All the work I have done has given me a different perspective of math and science. Of everything I have learned at Bluestamp, I value the way it has taught me to think over all the other things I have learned. This style of applied learning is something that I have never truly experienced. All the math and science I have learned in school has finally meant something to me other than numbers on paper. In addition, I value how my problem solving abilities have evolved. Now, I am more keen to solving my own problems in different ways rather than be pointed to the answer.

In my opinion, the Laser Tripwire Security System was an ideal project. As difficult as it was, it was a good balance between software and hardware. I wanted to learn about building, but I also wanted to learn about programming. I was able to learn about both with this project.

I built this project based on designs by Patrick from EngineeringShock. His designs can be found here. My project notes and design files beyond those offered by Patrick are below, as are my videos!

DESIGN FILE: Project Notes

DESIGN FILE: Parts List (with places to buy hard to find components)

My First Few Impressions of BlueStamp

Looking back at my first two weeks at Bluestamp Engineering, I’m surprised there aren’t too many programs like this around. I have been given the rare opportunity to diversify myself from the average student. I’m not finding myself in endless lectures or stressful cramming sessions for a test filled with information that I don’t care about. Instead, I am taking the information I’m learning and actually using it. The program is designed in a way that truly tests my problem solving abilities. Instead of just teaching me the information, the program teaches me how to use it. While designing my Laser Tripwire Security System, the math and science I have been learning in school went from being completely abstract and distant to something of great use. The program as a whole has made learning a more interactive experience as well as being rewarding and enjoyable. As for the other students, it’s refreshing to be around such a gifted group of teenagers who aspire to do great things. All in all, I’m thankful that there is a program like Bluestamp to give me a truly unique experience.

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