My Parking Radar Starter Kit:
I worked on the Ultrasonic Parking Radar for my starter project. This kit works with ultrasonic waves. It measures how far an object is in order to avoid collision between objects. When an object gets too close, the buzzer will sound.
There are two boards to this kit: they’re the sensor board and the buzzer board. The first board is used to detect the object. It does so by a sensor that constantly sending out ultrasonic waves. The wave will keep going until it hits an object; then, it’ll come back. That’s when the other sensor will pick up the wave. Because sound travels at a certain speed, the distance can be determined by using such knowledge. As soon as the distance is calculated and converted, it will be sent to the second board. There are two main IC chips that are important for the communication between the boards. The other chips are used to adjust the settings on the range of detection. If the object is within range, the message is sent to the second board to sound the buzzer.
The project was challenging. I remember working and ruining a kit in ninth grade. The challenge for this project was figuring out what everything did. Knowing that a resistor adds resistance to the current and therefore maintaining voltage. I know there’s still more to learn about capacitors, diodes, and capacitors. Another challenge was the soldering. I burned myself a few times. Overall the project went well.

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