My Laser Target Kit Starter project.
– The Laser Target kit is a kit that has 9 small red LED lights that light up when turned on or having a laser point at the Light Sensor to turn on the LED lights.
– It runs on a 9V battery and it works by having three types of switches which are ON1, OFF, ON2, and a trimmer that blocks the current from the other LED light . ON1 only 1 of LED lights is off because of the repressor that is acting like a door way to stop the current from turning on the light. ON2 has all of the LED lights on but when the trimmer is moved it stops the current from all except one LED light which was the one that was off in ON1. To get all the lights to work with the trimmer active, the laser will activate all LED lights by powering the 8 LED lights that were off.
– I realized that I had soldered the LED lights the wrong direction but that is all.

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