Raspberry Pi For Education?

Raspberry Pi is a killer new computing solution. The goal of the ‘Pi’ is to get a linux-based computer in a tiny size at the lowest possible cost in order to draw more young people to programming. They have certainly met their design goals, with the board being slightly larger than a credit card and costing as little as $25. The only challenge to meet now is waiting through the dreaded backorder.

BlueStamp Engineering is always on the lookout for new platforms that our students may want to use in the development of their projects. In order to give it a shot, Dave got some hardware and set out to make a simple project. He used it to observe the state of his dog’s kennel door, and publish the status on a webpage hosted by an Apache server right on the Pi. As his Element14 article details, there are many reasons that the Pi will work great for educational purposes, however the simpler tasks like the kennel monitor will haveĀ competitionĀ from devices like the netduino. If the Pi doesn’t make it into BSE’s project book this year, it will at least be a platform option for students wishing to define their own projects!

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