A Quick Glance at the Arduino Due

Arduino Due

As many of you will notice, BlueStamp Engineering students often choose to use the Arduino in their projects. It has a friendly programming environment, an integrated console which is great for debugging, and there is a huge community to support it. However our students often find that the limitations of the Arduino Uno’s ATmega328 chip to be a problem when tackling complex goals.

The Arduino Team, after immense anticipation, has released the Arduino Due. It’s based on a much more powerful Atmel SAM3x8E chip, giving it more memory, a faster clock rate, and tons more peripherals! I’m certain some of our students will find limitations with the Due, but not without trying!

Dave wrote an article (w/ video!) unboxing and comparing the specs of the new Due that should give a good idea of the incredible capability added in this product. Enjoy!

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