Here We Go!

In about 10 days, BlueStamp will launch its summer program. However, the real work started eight moths ago as Dave and I were sitting at a train stop in Connecticut on a beautiful fall morning, mere muses to the Sunday schedule of the Metro North. My train to NYC was 30 minutes late and while normally this would have annoyed the (insert negative adjective here) out of me, Dave and I spent that morning conceiving what is now BlueStamp Engineering. We had actually been kicking around ideas for the past four months (hybrid electric bikes, a new age coffee shop, a technical training program for third world countries), none of which came to fruition. But somehow, as I left to board the train, I knew we finally had something. I had two pages left on my notepad and 10 minutes into the train ride, I was writing in the margins, just to capture every idea that passed through my mind.

The next 4 months we reached out to groups all around the country. We talked to engineering firms, college admissions counselors of top 50 universities, and we met high school students. We had our false starts and we learned our lessons along the way (yes, we have a database of all such lessons). But at the end of the day, BlueStamp emerged with some of the smartest high school minds around NYC/NJ/Staten Island.

However, the real work starts on 6/27. The students have all picked their projects and are now diligently researching exactly how they’re going to build them. It won’t be easy for them, and perhaps not even for us. But that’s what we wanted. We wanted a challenge, and we wanted to make our students think, persevere, and accomplish something above and beyond what they could imagine just a few short months ago. We want them to hustle and then look up when its all over and enjoy the view. The truth is, we have no way of knowing how successful our students will be. But if sweat and determination are any indication, this could be one magnificent view.

Let’s Go.

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