Gifts for the Engineering High School Student

I recently emailed with one of our BSE 2013 parents about a gift for their son. Congrats to their family on such a great gift! They love it, and they pick up some of the best skills available, all while keeping from wasting their youth in front of a screen. I sent her the following guidance and thought our other parents would like the same info!

That being said, projects are remarkably difficult to pick out and make a surprise. As you may have noticed with BSE, each student determines their own project from our project book of over 100 different ideas, or by finding their own idea. After years of BSE experience and lifetime of building my own projects, I still cannot figure out what attracts people to different projects.

To that end, there are ways to give a gift that offers options. Sparkfun from Boulder, CO is quickly becoming the household name in hobby kits, and offers gift certificates. A similar company, Adafruit is located in NYC and also has gift certificates. Evil Mad Scientist also offers some pretty amazing kits and carries gift certificates as well.

There are a couple other places you can check out that don’t offer gift certificates, and have more advanced offerings. Places like Seeed Studio, or Pololu may help. Apogee Kits sells simpler projects that might be worth checking out as well.

I probably gave that parent more options than they were looking for — but hopefully it helped! What about the rest of you readers? Are there other places that I’ve missed?

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