Don’t Kill Creativity!

In speaking with a friend who is a local principal today I was pointed to the extraordinary TED talks given by Sir Ken Robinson. The first one in 2006 was about how he thinks the current education system prioritizes the fundamentals leaving creativity to wither. While engineering is not as affected by this as the arts, it is still very much a problem. A curriculum is prioritized, and the soldering iron gets left as an afterthought. BSE will give students with an interest the means to pick up the experience from high school.

His second talk was filmed in February of this year. In this piece he talks about the linearity of the education path that our system currently sets fourth for our students. I’d like to draw particular attention to the fact that only in the last 2 years of college even remotely resembles what the actual job will entail. Why not give students with an interest the experience to make career choices before they step on the path?

Sir Ken also speaks to how passion changes the rules of time. Time passes differently when a passionate endeavor is undertaken. It takes thousands of hours in high school, college, and even during the first couple years of work to become proficient at designing things. Some students might find a 1 hour lecture very difficult, but a 5 hour build session absolutely riveting. Both methods teach engineering, so why not give students the opportunity to learn through the latter? It isn’t a replacement, but it can be a remarkable supplement.

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