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Final Weeks of BlueStamp

The last weeks were the hardest because everything seemed to go wrong -- my robotic arm started to work, then stopped, my servo's seemed to malfunctioning, etc. You name it, it happened! However, this... read more

Program Feedback

This program to me was just the best. I love BlueStamp. This expericence was one that I have always wanted. I always wanted to know how things worked and to understand how electricity flows.... read more

Justin’s Final Project

Now at the end of Blue Stamp, I am posting my blog post about my final project as well as my experience here. For a brief description of my project, experience, and future plans,... read more

Impossible is Nothing

My experience with BlueStamp is surely going to be a memorable one. Before coming into Bluestamp I didn't know what to expect but I did expect far less difficulty. As I walked into the... read more