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E14: Advice For Applying To College

Being a part of the BlueStamp Engineering program gives me the opportunity to share advice with high school students looking for a technical career path. I've been asked multiple times about what the best... read more

What Makes A Great First Project?

Dave recently wrote an article that may help budding designers pick the best approach for navigating the sea of development platforms. He loves the experience of cracking open a new design platform and seeing... read more

BlueStamp’s TED Talk!

This past weekend, BlueStamp had the honor of presenting at TEDx Presidio in San Francisco, California. There were many great speakers and we were excited to meet so many like minded individuals. Thanks to... read more

Here We Go!

In about 10 days, BlueStamp will launch its summer program. However, the real work started eight moths ago as Dave and I were sitting at a train stop in Connecticut on a beautiful fall... read more

Why do we enjoy this?

While running your own program often presents itself with a number of challenges and unexpected happenings, I can't adequately describe how much fun Dave and I have had building BSE. But before I get to... read more