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Kaitlin’s Awesome Solarspeeder

For my BlueStamp starter project I built a miniature solar powered car from the sparkfun "solarspeeder" kit. I learned to solder in order to attach the parts (two capacitors, a diode, a transistor, and a voltage... read more

A Productive First Week

After my first five days at Blue Stamp, I had completed a first iteration of my final project, a bike cycling computer. Before I had begun work on my principal project, however, I completed... read more

Sam MintyBoost

I chose to this project not only because it looked fun but i also needed it. Now that i have MintyBoost I'm able to charge my phone from anywhere. read more

Sophie K visits BSE- NYC

On Wednesday 6/27 both AM and PM classes at BlueStamp: NYC had the chance to hear Sophie Kravitz come speak about her projects, her experiences, and her journey to becoming an engineer and a... read more