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My light organ

The light organ was an easy build which consisted of 2 Ic chips, 7 transistors, 4 capacitors, 11 resistors, 1 microphone, 2 dials, and 25 (green, red, yellow) LEDs. The capacitors store energy from... read more

Puzzle Box Milestone 1

In this video, I show that the parts for my puzzle box have all been successfully connected and programmed. I also show what each of the parts will do in the final product. read more

The Alarm

After finishing my voice changer kit I began working on a digital alarm clock. Originally I used an MSP430 micro-controller but faced a compiling issue that took up an entire week. To get rid... read more

Ivans Solar Speeder

My Starter Project was the Solar Speeder. A small toy car that is powered by solar power. Basically, The Solar Panels charge the capacitors, and the transistors make sure that the capacitors are fully... read more

The First Step

As soon as everyone else got hold of their starter projects I knew that I was surrounded by students that were serious about engineering. It wasn’t until I held mine that I became very... read more

My solar powered speakers

My solar powered speakers are somewhat simple. It is simple because there weren't that many components and it had some of the components that I have some knowledge about. He is a video of... read more

My starter project

Starter project: Electronic Die For my starter project i built the electronic die kit from spikenzielabs their site is . The die uses LEDs to simulate the way a real die would look. To... read more

Voice Changer

The Velleman voice changer kit was difficult for me because I seriously didn't know what I was doing. I personally had moments where everything went wrong and I wanted to give up but everything... read more


Basically, this little device can turn off or turn on any TV within a room. It took me slightly over a day to complete, and things pretty much went together without a hitch. The... read more

My First Two Weeks

When I first started at BSE, I had no idea how to work with wires or solder parts. So as you can imagine, I did not exactly make the neatest looking first project. It... read more