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Modification: Camera

Modification I have added my modification the camera and it was extremely easy to do.It allows me to see what the robot sees. This video should explain more: read more

I am done

I am done My final project is complete my robot is all together and moves in all directions forwards, backwards, left, right, and diagonals. Now that I am done I can start my modifications and... read more

Justin’s Clock: Milestone 1

Today I finished my first milestone by putting every thing together on the breadboard and by getting the clock function to work. This part was fairly easy. The next step is to get the setup... read more

Progress On Solar Charger

After a few weeks at Bluestamp, I have a circuit that can charge my phone with only the sun. I've used a temporary breadboard to connect the circuit because the breadboard has built in... read more

last week

My robot is now almost complete I am just fixing one last coding error that will have the wheels and not spinning when the controller joystick is idle. This will probably be fixed later... read more

Starter Project

Hello ! Daniel here to explain my starter project. I did a little light organ. A light organ - to explain - is an electrical device that lights up according to any frequency (any... read more

Milestone met

Milestone- three motors at once Today july 12 I have gotten all three of my motors to run from a simple program:

// Sweep // by BARRAGAN // This example code is in the... read more

Solar powered MP3

For my intensive project I made a solar powered mp3 player. The process in which I made my project was long and tedious but it was still worth it. To have a working project... read more

The Circuit Complete

I would have never guessed that I would be able to build something and be able to identify key components of it. Building this sunrise-alarm clock has taught me a lot about shift registers,... read more