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BlueStamp’s TED Talk!

This past weekend, BlueStamp had the honor of presenting at TEDx Presidio in San Francisco, California. There were many great speakers and we were excited to meet so many like minded individuals. Thanks to... read more

Program Feedback

This program to me was just the best. I love BlueStamp. This expericence was one that I have always wanted. I always wanted to know how things worked and to understand how electricity flows.... read more

Impossible is Nothing

My experience with BlueStamp is surely going to be a memorable one. Before coming into Bluestamp I didn't know what to expect but I did expect far less difficulty. As I walked into the... read more

The Project Complete

After six whole weeks of building, my sunrise alarm clock is finally complete. What exactly did I achieve in these past few weeks? Not only did I build an electrical device and followed... read more

Final project

Well my final project is finally completely finished. Yes, its in the same box but there is more to it. Inside now is more shocking and more parts cool to see. Some improvements and... read more

Final Project

Well , after 6 Weeks at Bluestamp Engineering, I finally finished my project. My Solar Charger is made up of 4 Solar Panels, 2 Perfboards, a Battery, multiple wires, and a USB Port. All... read more

Final Project

Now that I am at the end of my BlueStamp experience, I can really appreciate how much I have learned here. Before I came to BlueStamp, I had no idea how to solder or... read more