My cool robotic arm

My final project was a robotic arm that is able to move┬álike a real arm. There are two parts to this project — programming and mechanical –to make this project work. For programming, I had to make sure that my arduino board could take messages from┬ámy potentiometer to send it to my servos. Once I had one servo moving with the potentiometer, I now have to get all five servos to work with four potentiometers. There are only four potentiometers, because one potentiometer will control two servos. Once I get all servos to work, I can start cutting the parts for the servos to be connected to. I had to cut six pieces because it was two pieces for the base which will be holding the two servos that were being controlled by one potentiometer. Another two for the two arms that will have another two servos, and another two to attach the gripper which hold another servo. The hardest thing was cutting the holes and getting everything to be held up by the two base servos. All in all, I’m off to a decent start!

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