LED Cube Update!

Hey internet, it’s Chris again!

Recently I have started the beginnings of snake using my LED cube. Snake, if you don’t know, is a retro arcade game (for those of my generation) in which you control a snake and try to eat food to get bigger. The point of the game is to become as large as possible without accidentally running into yourself. I have started this program by using the Joystick and pushbuttons to move the snake across all 64 LEDs.

In addition, I have made an HTML form that utilizes arrays of checkboxes to output code compatible with Arduino that selects for the LEDs that were checked to turn on. This program is really cool, and it saves a lot of time! I hope to use this program to make more complex animations. Through making this program, I have become more used to HTML, which will definitely become useful for me in the future.

Here’s the video where I display the progress I’ve made. Enjoy!

– Chris

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