Jacky’s Final Video of Omnidirectional Wheel Robot and Experience to Bluestamp

Regarding to the information for the Robot, please view “Jacky’s First Person Experience for the Omni-Directional Wheel Robot“.

I became interested in BlueStamp when I tried applying for college summer programs at a program called MindsMatter. I wanted to find a major that I might want to study at college and engineering is one such major I am interested in. Therefore, I applied to BlueStamp and got accepted in the end. I was really excited about it because only a few students were invited to apply to BlueStamp from MindsMatter. I was really looking forward to BlueStamp and the future projects that I might be doing. However, since I actually didn’t know much about engineering, I was actually scared to begin the program.

Now that I have completed the program and the projects, I can really be sure that I love engineering. I learned a lot from BlueStamp. Initially, building my Omni-Directional Wheel Robot was actually tedious, frustrating, and exhausting but in the end it came out to be enjoyable, thrilling, and remarkable.

Throughout the six weeks, I experienced what engineering is about and learned how to use engineering related equipment. I’ve been taught how to solder, use the breadboard, write code onto the arduino, use a saw and other dangerous equipment ;). If it weren’t for the instructors and colleagues of the program, I would still be wondering what engineering was really about. I learned many useful skills of engineering and in life (using the dangerous equipment). I am really grateful for BlueStamp and it has definitely increased my interest in engineering.

My Omni-Directional Wheel Robot was based on: http://dangerousprototypes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=2019

Here are my schematics and materials used: JackyL Documentation

As well as my Final Video:

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