Final Weeks of BlueStamp

The last weeks were the hardest because everything seemed to go wrong — my robotic arm started to work, then stopped, my servo’s seemed to malfunctioning, etc. You name it, it happened! However, this was a learning momment for me because I felt like breaking everything. The project seemed so difficult and there was times that I just wanted give up. However, the instructors at BlueStamp told me not to give up because it will soon work if I just keep trying. In the end, there were two things that I learned: one was that engineering takes a lot of patience and that something in life is always going to be hard and you should never give up. Blue Stamp showed me that engineering is hard work and that I really love engineering because anything that I find too hard, I tend to give up on. However, I did not give up when it came to this project and engineering. I felt so happy to finish a robotic arm that actually worked!

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