Final Project!

With the structure of the wind turbine built and solderless breadboard complete, the only thing left to do was to put the two together. I used shrink wrap and male/female headers attach the motor, voltmeters, and ammeter to the the breadboard. I then encased the base of the wind turbine in an aluminum sheet that acted as a mount for the meters and directed the light from the LED up and out the top of the base.

I’m very happy with the way my wind turbine turned out and I learned so much in the process of building it. Six weeks ago I was not confident using power tools, had never set eyes on a breadboard, and couldn’t begin to tell you the difference between a screw driver and an allen wrench. The hands on experience of the BlueStamp program taught me about mechanical tools soldering, breadboards, and circuits in a comprehensive, logical way impossible to replicate in a theoretical classroom scenario. The process of building the wind turbine was speckled with both rewarding and frustrating moments; the experience as a whole was fabulous.

You can see my final video here!

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