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I first became interested in BlueStamp when the co-founders talked to my physics class at school. I was so excited about the program that I signed up the next day. I was going to be an engineer and I was going to love it. But as the summer crept closer and closer, my jubilation turned into apprehension. I was excited about the idea of engineering but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had no idea what engineering was.
What were mechanics, electronics, firmware, biotech and software? Which field(s) did I want my intensive project to include? In a nutshell, I was intimidated.

Now that I’ve completed BlueStamp, I can say with complete certainty that the experience of BlueStamp was everything but intimidating. Building my wind turbine was exciting, exhausting, frustrating and fun but at no point was I ever intimidated. Sure I knew nothing about engineering, but that was exactly the point: I was there to figure it out.

Throughout the last six weeks I learned how to solder, how to use a breadboard, how to create a circuit, how an LED works, how a stepper motor works, how to use an allen wrench, how to bend metal, and the difference between philips head and flat head screw drivers. The most gratifying part of the program was that I learned this on my own. The instructors told me what and where to research in order to understand a concept/part but I was responsible for learning about it. Because of this, I understand the material and will remember it.

My wind turbine was based on the design of user dustynrobots on instructables.

Here are my schematics and circuit diagram: schematicsandcircuitdiagram

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